Coronavirus information

updates Posted 4/24/20

  • The governor has extended the Stay at Home executive order until May 15th.
  • Recital will have to be postponed.
  • Our tentative plans:
    • Plan A (If we are permitted back to class in September)
      • We will make up the 10 weeks of missed classes beginning in September.
      • Class schedule would remain the same as this year.
      • Hold a recital in November and reschedule picture day.
      • Start a new season in January.
      • Reduced rates would apply as it would be a shortened season.
    • Plan B (If we are not permitted back to class until a later date)
      • We will make up the 10 weeks of missed classes beginning in January.
      • Class schedule would remain the same as this year.
      • Hold a recital in May as we usually would and reschedule picture day.
      • There would be a fee for the additional classes beyond the 10 weeks of make up classes but prorated to reflect the number of classes and rehearsals remaining in the season.
    • Plan C???  Let’s hope we don’t have to go to a Plan C!!
    • Please keep in mind that there are still a lot of unknowns here and we are trying our best to plan accordingly but everything is tentative at this point.
    • In either case, we plan to utilize all of our costumes that have been purchased and the dances we have already been working on.
    • We will work with parents on any costume alterations or exchanges that may be needed.  Exchanges are not guaranteed as it will depend on costume availability from the costume companies.
    • So please do not let the dancers play in their costumes as we do plan to use them eventually.
    • Please continue to practice your dances.  All videos should be available through your teacher or from the Parent Portal .
  • Costumes:  Probably about 75% of our students received their costume before we were on shutdown.  The majority of the remaining costumes were shipped out shortly afterward and are in our possession.  We only have about 10 items that are not in yet and are now delayed significantly due to the closure of so many businesses.  Please be assured that you will get the costume that you ordered eventually.
  • Recital shirts are also here and will be distributed as soon as we are able to do so.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and send updates as they become available.
  • Please continue to keep your personal information updated in the Parent Portal .

Virtual Classes

  • We have been running some virtual classes through Zoom for the last several weeks now.
  • Currently, classes have been Thursday nights beginning at 6 PM.
  • Thank you to all those who have been attending!
  • We have been having a good time in the classes and hope that more of you will join us.
  • You don’t have to be enrolled in a particular class to join us.  Please try attending some classes and try out some different things.  Plus it gives us a platform to reconnect with all of our students.
  • The Zoom connection information has been sent out.  The latest one was sent on 4/21 and that one will be valid for the remainder of our meetings.
  • Please contact Lisa if you need the information resent to you.
  • You are also welcome to invite friends and family to join us for Zoom classes.
  • Due to hacking issues, we do ask that you do not publicly post any of our Zoom login information.
  • We would be happy to host a few more Zoom classes if there is more interest.  If you would like to join us and prefer a different night or a particular class, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate.
  • We want you to continue dancing!!

We thank you all for your cooperation with this situation and we hope to see you all on Zoom soon!

Updates Posted 3/26/20  We have a few topics


  • Please make sure that all of your information is updated in our Parent Portal.  
  • You should be receiving text messages, emails and phone messages from us if you have supplied all 3.
  • Detailed instructions  can  be found below and we will  be posting a video in our FB group.
  • Please join our FB  group  Lincoln Park Dance Company 
  • Please follow our Instagram  Account @lincolnparkdance 
  • Please email, text or call  Miss Lisa if you have additional questions.  313.706.3310

Recital and Classes:

  • The Bandshell has assured us that all classes that have been cancelled due to the Stay Home orders will be scheduled for make up lessons.
  • We cannot give any indication as to when the make up classes will begin until the Governor gives an all clear  to return to normal activity. 
  • Once we get the all clear, we will work with the bandshell, Lincoln Park High School and our parents/dancers to arrange make up lessons and possibly rescheduling of recital accordingly.
  • We thank you for your patience and cooperation!

What we can do  now:

  • We have posted a few activities, videos and several online classes that dancers can attend from  home.  Please Participate!
  • Please keep active and PLEASE continue to practice your recital dances.  If we are able to hold recital as planned, dancers will need to have their dances ready so we can finish them up when we return.
  • We would like to add more activities, videos and possibly virtual classes.  Please fill out the survey on our  FB group so we can better prepare this material.
  • All classes recital music is posted in the Parent Portal.  Our teachers area also all working hard on posting practice videos of recital dances as well in the Parent Portal.  Please contact Lisa if there is something you need that is not posted.
  • Link to video instruction for using parent portal.  CLICK HERE

Current Situation Posted 3/13/20

  • The health and safety of our dancers, families and community are our number 1 concern.  We will be following all recommended and mandated guidelines set forth by the CDC, the state of Michigan and the city of Lincoln Park.
  • As most of us are aware, the schools are under a mandated shutdown for 3 weeks and events and buildings are closing all over the state. 
  • The mayor of Lincoln Park has declared a mandatory shut down of the Bandshell for 30 days.
  • Effective immediately, all classes at Lincoln Park Dance Company are cancelled until the guidelines are lifted by local officials.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and send updates as they become available.

moving forward

  • This is really an unprecedented event and we are working as best as we can to make this work as best as possible.
  • We will take this week off of from classes to hold some staff meetings and brainstorm for the following weeks.
  • Some ideas include bringing virtual classes to our students, sending home videos of recital choreography for dancers to practice to continue working on recital dances, possibly creating some tik tok or instagram challenges that will keep our students engaged in dance and keeping their bodies active.  
  • We will be investigating the possibility of moving our recital to a later date and extending our a season to compensate.  This will all be fully dependent on the availability of the school and the bandshell but it will be one option that will be on the discussion board.  There are no guarantees with anything right now as we are dealing with so much uncertainty at the moment.
  • We need some time to discuss options, the feasibility of options and if some of the fees involved would be affordable for us.  Using the virtual classroom tools can be costly and we need time to investigate.
  • We have a lot of work ahead of us this week and we thank you for your cooperation as we navigate these uncharted turn of events.
  • We welcome your suggestions and ideas as well so long as they are of a positive nature.  Again, we can’t guarantee anything at the moment but  we are working diligently to keep us on track and follow all the state guidelines to ensure everyone’s health and safety.