Tap       Ballet/Pointe        Jazz        Contemporary       Hip-Hop        Pom-Pon        Cheerleading
Baton       Acro        Polynesian (Hula, Tahitian, Maori, Samoan)        Irish       Technique(Turns and Leaps)

Barre Fit Exercise       Classes for Students with Special Needs


Class Descriptions 

Tap:                     Incorporates mainly rhythm style tap and some Broadway styles and focuses on the feet as a percussive instrument. 

Ballet:                  Russian technique classical ballet. Ballet 3 and 4 may include some lyrical works as well. Students will learn ballet fundamentals
                              and terminology while developing strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility. Other techniques are occasionally presented as well.

Pointe:                 Ballet on pointe shoes.  Must take ballet many years consecutively and have directors approval to advance to pointe.

Jazz:                    Touches on many forms of jazz dance including character, Broadway, Funk, Fosse, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop.

Pom-Pon:            Cheer or Dance Team style dancing with the use of pom-pons.

Cheerleading:      Includes jumps, stunting, gymnastics, cheer and dance.

Baton:                 Baton Twirling.

Hawaiian:            Authentic Polynesian dancing including Hula, Tahitian, Maori, Samoan and Tongan.

Hip-Hop:             An urban dance form.

Contemporary:    A fusion of jazz, ballet and modern dance.

Irish:                   Traditional Irish dance.

Acro:                   Acrobatics class focusing on flexibility, strength and tumbling.

Barre Fit:             An adult exercise class using the fundamentals of ballet barre technique and incorporation of Pilates method exercises to build strength and muscle tone.

Special Needs:     A class which incorporates dance and creative movement.  This class is for any student, child or adult, with special needs either physically or otherwise.

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