Class Uniforms and Shoes

Participation in the Lincoln Park Dance Company requires a class uniform

Ordering instructions  are near the bottom of page

All students are required to be in uniform by their 3rd week of class.  Observation weeks will be a uniform free week so students will get 1 week a month to wear different colors but must still be dressed in appropriate dance wear.   Please see the dance calendar for season dates for observation weeks.

Why a class uniform?

  • Proper attire allows the instructor to fully see the body line and address technique issues.
  • Proper attire is required for safety reasons, particularly in acro or tumbling.
  • When all students are dressed alike, it is much easier for the instructor to see the lines of choreography, clean the performance and adjust areas that need improvement.
  • Part of learning to dance is learning discipline and proper attire is a big part of that discipline.
  • Proper attire helps eliminate students picking at their clothing all through class as it is constructed for such movement.  Leotards also eliminate any modesty issues where the student may be moving or inverted and their shirts may be exposing them improperly.

What is the Class Uniform?

 Class Uniform:


  1.  Solid black leotard any style (No accent colors or trim)
  2.  Tights must be worn:  May be Ballet pink, flesh colored  or white
  3. Optional:  Black ballet skirt (Above the knee)
                       Black wrap dance sweater
                        Black, white or pink leg warmers

All other classes: 

  1.  Solid black leotard any style (No accent colors or trim)
  2. No bare legs in class.  Students may wear tights in white, flesh color, ballet pink or black or solid black leggings.  No yoga pants or flared legs.
  3. Boy cut shorts are permitted or leotard with boy cut shorts attached.  Tights are still required.
  4. Any optional ballet  class items are permitted.


Boys/Men:  Black shorts or pants and solid black t-shirt.    Please no oversized clothing.  Please wear longer length compression  shorts underneath shorts for modesty.

Hawaiian Required:  Pa’u Skirt  and Pareo Skirt

                                      Leotard not required. 

                                      May wear t-shirt with skirt.

Adult Classes:  Adults in adult only classes are asked to wear fitted clothing to class.  This could include leggings and a t-shirt or a leotard.  Any adults  taking  mixed age classes must follow the  full  dress  code.

 Other Class Info:

Undergarments:  Proper support garments must be worn at all times.  Sports bras are acceptable but must be black, white or flesh colored.

Jewelry:  Post earrings are the only jewelry permitted in class.  Please remove all other  jewelry before you come to class.  We are not responsible for any lost or  stolen items so please leave them at home.

Hair:  Hair must be securely fastened for all classes.  A bun is preferred for ballet class.  Long bangs must be pinned back and off the face.

Non-uniform days:  Students may wear any color leotard, tights and accepted dance  wear from our uniform list to class.  LPDC T-Shirts will  be allowed on non-uniform days but attire must still consist of dance wear.  No excessively large clothing.  Non-uniform days are on the  class observation weeks.  Please refer to the studio calendar for  dates.

Students not adhering to the dress code will not be permitted into class. 

Please see our STUDENT HANDBOOK for complete details.

Please see the chart below for the required shoes and prices for the classes for which you are enrolling.  All shoes are to be purchased through LPDC unless there is a special need.  Please see the director for assistance in such circumstances.

Students are welcome to purchase dance wear through our catalog or purchase on their own.  Please consider using our preferred vendors for best prices and options.

Please visit our catalogs in the office or the links at the bottom of this page for uniform orders.


Shoe Pricing and Ordering

Any  shoe or uniform orders placed at registration events or during the month of September, will receive a discount in price plus free shipping.  Below is the discounted group order prices for our required dance shoes.  Any bodywear purchased from this company will also be discounted if ordered as part of our group orders that will be listed in your newsletters through out the year.   Any purchases outside of our regular group orders can be placed online at LPDC STORE.

Group Order Process:

Group Orders are placed at our Open House events and throughout the months of September and October.  Additional group orders will be placed at the following times:

  1. Any orders placed during the months of September and October (Beginning of Fall Session)
  2. Any orders placed the last week in February (Beginning of Spring Session)
  3. Any orders placed the first week of April (Last group order placed before recital)
  4. Any orders placed the first week of June (Beginning of Summer Session)
  5. Any orders required outside of the group orders will be placed directly by the parent or student by accessing the LPDC STORE Link below.  Prices are higher when ordering outside of our group  discount orders.  
  6.  . 
  7. The prices are still very reasonable in the LPDC Store.  A shipping fee will be charged and your order will ship to the studio.
  8. Below are some additional resources for ordering bodywear if  you choose.  If you order  from  Discouunt Dance Supply, please be sure to enter our Teacher Referral ID and a small portion of your purchase will donated back to LPDC.  Dancewear Solutions frequently has a nice clearance section to accommodate any budget.  You are welcome to order form either of these sources as well so long as you follow the dress code.

Discount Dance Supply

 Enter Teacher Referral ID TP33704

Dancewear Solutions