Class Placement

Age groups are used as a general starting point for class placement.  The students experience, skill level, attendance record, maturity, behavior and work ethic will all be taken into consideration for advancement.  Skill level alone will not be the single determining factor.  The program director will then determine the best fit for the student and of the class.  We do our best to challenge all students without delaying the progress of other students.  Our levels are a guideline and are by no means, a perfect solution for every student.  We understand that from time to time, there will be students that fall somewhere between two levels.  In such cases, the director will select the best fit.  We believe that it is preferred to have a student stand out because they are at the high end level of their class as opposed to being at the bottom and struggling to keep pace.  All class level criteria may change at any time based on enrollment levels or changes in student skill levels. 

Please see our STUDENT HANDBOOK for complete details on class placement.