Tuition and Fees

Tuition is priced for the entire session and can be paid in 5 payments.

Private lessons, semi-private and trio’s are also available at the rates below.

Drop in rate – $10 per class for adult classes only.

Fall Tuition Fees

Pricing for full session, September 22 – May 23

30 Min45 Min1 Hr1.25 Hr1.5 Hr
1st Class$220$230$250$275$280

MULTIPLE CLASS DISCOUNT: 10% discount on 2nd Thru 4th Class.
UNLIMITED CLASS DISCOUNT: Take 5 or more classes – see below.

30 Min45 Min1 Hr1.25 Hr1.5 Hr

Tuition Due Dates

Tuition may be paid in full or in 4 payments.

1st Payment ($50)Due at Registration
2nd Payment Oct. 9
3rd Payment Dec. 4
4th Payment Jan. 15
5th Payment (Balance)Feb. 12

Unlimited Plan Due Dates

Tuition may be paid in full or in 7 payments.

1st Payment ($90)Due at Registration
2nd Payment Oct. 9
3rd PaymentNov. 20
4th PaymentDec. 4
5th PaymentJan. 15
6th PaymentFeb. 12
7th Payment (Balance)Mar. 4
  • Example:  If you take 2 classes and one is 1.25 hrs and the second is 1 hr, tuition total will be
    • First class $275 + Second class $225 = $500 Total.  (Works out to about $7.50 per class)
    • We are the most economical program in the area with some of the longest classes.
  • Multiple class discounts apply toward a single student and cannot be applied as sibling discounts.
  • Tuition can be paid in 5 payments or in full.  If using the payment plan, please adhere to the payment dates posted.
  • Unlimited tuition can be paid in 7 payments. 
  • Students enrolled and actively participating in 5 or more classes may enroll in the unlimited classes discounted option.  The unlimited fee is based on the longest class for which you are enrolled.
  • Drop in class fee is $10 per class.  (Adult classes only)
  • Special classes with guest artists may have additional fees.
  • Competition team rehearsal fees cannot be combined in the class discounts or unlimited plans.
  • Late fees will be applied to any late payments.  Please see the Studio Handbook for complete details.

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons, semi-private and trio’s are available.
  • All fees are due the first week of each month.
  • Fees are the same each month regardless of length of the month.
  • Students are responsible for private lesson fees regardless of their attendance.
  • Miss Lisa and the Lincoln Park Dance Company staff is also available to guest teach at other studios, workshops or for choreography services.  Please inquire for pricing.

Private Lesson Pricing

Call or Email for choreography pricing.
Pricing at LPDC is per student per 30 minute lesson.
Double the price for 1 hour lessons.
Additional choreography fees may apply.

LPDC Student Rate – Student must be enrolled in at least 1 class at LPDC. $17/class | $68/month$10/class | $40/Month$9/class | $36/Month
Rates for non-LPDC students. Off-site lessons require an hour minimum booking plus, if required, a room rental fee.$50/hour$75/hour | $37.50/dancer$100/hour | $33.33/dancer

Other Required Fees

  • $10 Registration fee due on the first day of class.  Max per family $20.
  • $5 One time Non-Resident fee if you reside outside of Lincoln Park or Melvindale.
  • $60 Costume fee per class.
  • $10 Holiday Recital Fee – Includes one professional recital video download.  Billed per family.
  • $30 Spring Recital Fee – Includes one professional recital video download and one recital t-shirt.  Billed per family.  Additional recital shirts can be ordered for $15 each if you have more than one dancer in the family.
  • $18 Recital Jewelry Bling set worn by all classes level 2 and higher.  The same set is used each year so it does not need to be purchased every year.
  • Proper shoes and class uniforms must be purchased for participation.  Please see the Class Uniform page for shoe pricing information.  Class uniform prices can range from about $20 and up depending on the style leotard you select.

Additional Expenses

  • There may be additional fees for Hawaiian costumes or implements due to  inaccessibility of mass produced costumes and handmade items.
  • Baton students are required to purchase a baton ranging in price from $30 to $40.
  • Some classes may use a prop or accessory not included with the costume  generally priced around $10 or less.
  • All participants in the holiday performance must purchase a pair of tights at $8.
  • Late fees are charged for any missed due dates for any studio expense.  Please see the Studio Handbook for complete payment policies and details.
  • Other optional expenses could include such things as:
    • Recital pictures
    • Recital video (Included in recital fee $35 value)
    • Tickets to performances
    • LPDC attire
    • Recital and/or parade t-shirts
    • Participation in workshops, competitions and special events